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Spring Signs

Hummingbird feeding on the oak blossoms caught my eye yesterday. More than the cherokee plum blossoms signal the start of the season next up, giant confused baby bumblebees everywhere, furious blooming of unidentified fruit trees on the avenue, waking to the sounds of the woodpeckers talking to each other as they as well rise for the day.

I am sleeping better now that I have made my situation a bit less vulnerable feeling. When it comes to stress chemistry and staying physically motile it matters most how I feel...protected or vulnerable. It is like the index they use for social work and modern systems theory where if you do not have these certain immediate needs taken care of...housing, food, physical safety...then you cannot participate in altruistic activities which would lead to greater...mental health...self worth...spiritual growth...actually everything.

A sensibility of safety was the greatest single aspect of artistic freedom I experienced when Peg was Director of Entertainment. Her unique ability to facilitate the interpersonal relationships of a 1,000 plus person ensemble was an amazing thing to witness. Experiencing it also as a performer, it was very safe and also very fun. The cheesy things...standing in a circle and holding hands and passing the pulse...the improv was all actually extremely effective.

As an agitator I am constantly attempting to bring peoples attention to this aspect of our interpersonal you know yourself well enough to speak your mind about what your own needs are?

At the time the perception was that everyone began to flow, to flow togwther and to flow singularly, so that the effects were amplified. And what effects they were!*! The sensation of being part of that ensemble has really got its teeth into many of us. I know that I am not alone in wanting to create that safety zone for the younger people.

It is like the statement "Peace begins at Home". I cannot pretend to offer a safe creative space to anyone else unless I can secure it for myself. That means being very very honest with myself about the effects of varying environments on my creativity.

Realistically I see very little seperation between wanting to bring that seed chrystal into being and wanting to have an environment available for dissent. As dewardh pointed out to me, the solution must be pure enough for the catalytic effect of a seed chrystal to be felt. Trust is the sister of dissent, hand in hand they are twins who like to stay together.

I was reminded recently that until the fifth century a stuffed red phallus was the mark of a clown. The introduction of Sufi comics who were on the run from the Mongol/Tartar pan-genocide actually toned down some of the historical associations between the clown and really trully obscene theatre. Free speech and humour are together when the atmosphere is kind and accepting. The message (back in the Day) was always "Be yourself and we will like you better for it!."
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