catt...::waves:: from the woods. (foolfaerie420) wrote in fools_guild,
catt...::waves:: from the woods.

first entry Yay!


To become a member (first create an lj account), click on the "fools guild" user info link. On that page click the square button with the outline of a person. That is how you are added to other peoples journals. Now you can post by clicking the drop down box which shows which journal you are posting to (once you are in the Update Journal area). You may need to expand the view of your page. Select the fools_guild journal and we will see it here.

Lj allows html, for instance you can use regular tage to make your point the usual way. Also, with a or similar ability to store photos where they can be retreived on the net, the inclusion of images is also possible.

Anyone can join, as long as they consider themself a fool (carrying a joker is the traditional way). Flaming and rude comments may be removed by the moderator, the spirit of kindness feeds the fountain of merriment.

the blue pencil thing lets you post also.
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