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The Fools Guild allows membership to anyone who considers themself to be a fool. We have several yearly events, including April Fools, and the crowning of a yearly king at southern Rennaisance Faire.

The Fools Guild began as an Improv team, so named by the beloved late Peg Long. They group moved to Hollywood and began giving parties at the Guild Hall, no longer standing, expanding into a fraternity of sorts devoted to festive merriment and the general rules of improv (stay positive, negativity kills the flow...never say "No" in an improv).

Several years ago Paula Chambers started the Fools Guild Listserver while she was attending Ohio State University. The list is devoted to discussion of topics related to the fool, however in all practicality it has become a center reunion point for many people who enjoyed working together at the original California Rennaisance Pleasure Faire. The List Server allowed us to expand our presence beyond the confines of the LA area. Including members in Tokyo and Texas the list is also open to new membership.

Some people just go to parties, and some people just use the list, and I am sure now some people will just lj. Others will use all three outlets for their foolish selves.

Fools U! Is a school for the fools of the fools guild and beyond. Moderated by foolfaerie420 who is the Lunatic Idiot High Priestess of the Guild for over twenty years. Creative writing, stories, poems, jokes, announcements and intense topic are all encouraged.

Trolls will be warned once, and then summarily booted.

For you 'ol school faire folk, I am also moderating a new closed community called "ol_idiots".

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